Why Remote Connectivity Is Being Driven by the Desire for Mobile Applications


While mobile applications were nearly unheard of just a few years ago, they are sure to become a major factor in doing business in the future. With many employees bringing their own devices into the workforce, and the company’s desires to make the workforce more productive, the development of mobile applications, integrated application management and the ability to manage multiple devices are becoming high priorities for many IT departments.

Many businesses have turned to PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) as the ideal toolset for creating cloud-based applications. Platform-as-a-Service allows cloud providers to offer networks, servers, software development libraries and other vital services. It allows the consumer to utilize controls and software deployment along with a huge array of configuration settings.

For years there have been ongoing security concerns about incorporating businesses into the public cloud. However, most businesses are selecting to operate their private applications by having them hosted by managed service providers (MSPs). An MSP continually provides the best levels of security while performing services for transmitting crucial confidential data in an open, unsecured environment (the Internet).

Platform-as-a-Service Solutions

With the strong desire to develop powerful and effective mobile applications, many businesses are turning to the adoption of Platform-as-a-Service solutions to develop mobile enterprise platforms along with effective cloud infrastructures. For many company-related issues, PaaS is the only process for resolving many of the problems focused on developing mobile enterprise platforms.

With many more companies incorporating BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs, the workforce of many companies already requires effective mobile applications and management. For the IT department, this means better integration of a wide array of employee devices that need to connect to the same company infrastructure or cloud.

The best solution for providing application management that integrates across a variety of platforms is through private PaaS that connects directly to the cloud. The control and flexibility that is provided through cloud-based tools will instantly allow easier and faster connection configurations between the company’s back end system, and the development at the front end.

With the ever evolving changes in BYOD platforms, many mobile devices including smart phones and tablets operate on different systems. Each has different characteristics and application demands, making the company application support system a high priority to create, manage and support.

The greatest benefit of PaaS is in its capacity to develop applications quickly. It offers the best solution to a continually evolving mobile environment where businesses need to gain the upper hand in keeping their workforce connected to the company data.

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