The Importance of Utilizing Videoconferencing Equipment to Enhance Productivity and Reduce Expense

With many companies taking full advantage of the video conferencing craze, many businesses feel the pressure of making the commitment to obtain equipment to stay in communication with potential clients and existing vendors. While the upfront cost might seem as though it is a substantial business expenditure, most companies experience a 50% savings or more on the annual cost of employee travel.

The Expense of a Video Conferencing System

Utilizing video conferencing technology is the ideal way to connect an old style of doing
business with a new one. Businesses have always been founded on relationships.
Deals have often been negotiated using nothing more than a handshake. As profits
become tighter, and the cost of travel continues to escalate, business relationships
have taken a toll. As a result, the technology of videoconferencing has helped many
companies continue to maintain strong relationships without the need to spend an
exorbitant amount of money to discuss business face-to-face.

A Simple Affordable System

Even a complex video conferencing system, like the Cisco C20, is easy to install and to
utilize. Based on plug and play technology, a video conferencing system will include the
display, a microphone, camera, a connection to the Internet, and a power cable. Some
systems use advanced auto-detecting features, straightforward menu applications,
and quick dialing using remote devices. Built as a simple system, video conferencing
solutions are affordably priced providing substantial savings to companies within the
first year.

Standard-based Technology

Like any new electronic components in the marketplace, it is important that the video
conferencing system is founded on standard-based technology. Well-designed
conferencing equipment, like the Cisco C20 QuickSet, provides instant 3rd party
bridging for immediate connectivity to Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime and other
video-calling software.

Recording of Call

For businesses that want to record the video, there are specific video conferencing
systems designed to do exactly that. Recording a video can be an essential feature
when utilized for pre-hire interviews, remote training, conferences, distant learning, and
other educational requirements. Some video conferencing systems provide recording
features utilizing company servers, content servers, and even DVRs.

Companies are beginning to see the benefits for adopting video conferencing to stay
connected through numerous collaboration platforms. The cost of videoconferencing
equipment is continually dropping, allowing companies the ability to utilize web
meetings to help boost productivity, cut company expenses, and build stronger
relationships with vendors, suppliers, customers and others. Videoconferencing offers
better solutions by allowing employees to develop a better work and home-life balance
by minimizing travel and stress.

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