How Video Conferencing WILL Help Your Business

VidConfIt was not very long ago that the idea of making a video call seemed like a futuristic notion. However, using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, video conferencing happens all across the world every day.


In both the personal and business world, VoIP video conferencing is typically performed between PCs. This usually requires that both end-users utilize a webcam that has either a microphone attachment or a microphone that is built in. It often requires requisite software. Recently, many mobile applications have come to market that allow video conferencing using VoIP technology on a tablet or smartphone.


While many individuals utilized free applications including Skype, there is usually an additional fee charged for placing a video call when more than one other participant is involved. Businesses often use a reputable VoIP provider to handle their video conferencing requirements to allow high numbers of end users to participate. This high number can be in the hundreds, all with access to a video connection at the same time.


Remote Workplaces


Many businesses use IP video conferencing to hold business meetings with employees in remote workplaces. Many employees state that using video conferencing is ideally comparable to having a meeting at the corporate conference room where all participants are sitting together. Because of that, there are significant advantages to using IP video conferencing to enhance a business meeting. These include:


  • InclusionWhen employees are telecommuting, they can still participate in every business meeting and have the ability to both hear and see everything happening. Details are better explained and comprehended, and businesses can avoid the need to transport employees every time a meeting is called.


  • Developing a VoIP Conference Room – Businesses have the ability to create their own virtual conference room. This might include microphones in the ceiling that can capture available audio from any location inside the room. The room can also be set up to offer a variety of displays that everyone can hear and see to maximize participation.


  • Using Basic Internet Connections – Any basic Internet connection can be utilized for a VoIP video conference call.


  • Multiple Cameras – By utilizing multiple camera angles at the main room holding the business meeting, every remote employee can see visual aids, the speaker, charts and any other necessary component of the business meeting.


There are significant advantages to using a VoIP video conferencing software solution to enhance a business meeting. Every remote participant can fully engage in the business meeting by hearing and seeing everything that is happening. For more information about VoIP or Video Conferencing, please call or visit BroadConnect Telecom today.

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