Four Significant Ways IP Video Conferencing Can Enhance Business Meetings

video-conferencing-headerIt was not that long ago that making video calls seemed like a futuristic idea that was unavailable with today’s technology. However, with the new innovative VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, companies and residential end-users now have the ability to make high quality video calls today.


Most end-users use PC-to-PC video conferencing through a webcam with a built-in or attached microphone. IP video conferencing necessitates a requisite software to generate a video image on both ends. Just within the last few years, mobile applications have been built to support the highly popular IP video conferencing over a mobile device including a tablet or smartphone.



Out of all the free video conferencing providers, Skype is most likely the most popular free video calling application. However, nearly every “free” provider will actually charge a fee to make video calls when more than just a couple participants are connected. Many business VoIP providers have the capacity to incorporate hundreds of participants into a single IP video conference.




Video Meetings from Remote Locations



Many companies use IP video conferencing to hold extensive business meetings from remote locations. The experience is comparable to actually participating in a meeting in a conference room. Some companies actually believe that bringing together business associates and employees into a business meeting through IP video conferencing enhances the experience in a variety of ways that include:




·         Every Associate Attends – Now that many companies incorporate telecommuting for their workforce, they can still hold daily or weekly meetings where every associate attends. IP video conferencing allows every associate to participate from any remote location that has Internet connectivity. Through every IP connection, the associate can see and hear everything that is happening during the conference meeting. This eliminates the need to travel to one location to participate in every business meeting.



·         Building a Virtual Conference Room – Many businesses build a specific conference room designed for IP conferencing. This virtual room allows every participant to view the others.



·         Multiple Devices Accepted – With a wide variety of mobile devices and desktop PCs available, employees and associates can connect through any number of devices to attend the video conference.


·         Utilizing Multiple Cameras – Companies can utilize multiple cameras that can display whiteboards, presentations and multiple webcams to view all the necessary information during the meeting.



Video conferencing using Voice over Internet Protocol is taking the business world by storm. IP video conferencing is proving to be a viable solution that offers significant benefits to companies that have employees and associates in remote locations. For more info on UC Solutions please contact, today!

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