Divine Viewer Virtual Reality Goggles Review

Immerse yourself into another dimension with giant display, split view 3D augmented reality


Be transported to a different dimension with the Divine Viewer Virtual Reality Headset. This headset works with your smart phone to immerse you into a 360 degree virtual environment for 3D videos, pictures and games. View IMAX size pictures in the comfort of your house. Keep yourself amused on long flights. View films in bed without waking your partner. Download VR programs from your app store and journey to new worlds!

  • Lens are 33mm; Field of Vision is 85 degrees and they’ve focal length of 60mm
  • Immerse yourself into another dimension with Giant Display, split view 3D augmented reality
  • Big flexible optical resin lenses reduce deformity and remove glare, preventing eye exhaustion. Lens depth and pupil space are completely flexible so you could see without wearing eyeglasses
  • Flexible smartphone snap-in tray securely holds mobiles up to 3.5 X 5.5 including iPhone 6 , Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. The Snap-in holder holds the phone snugly to keep it is display safe from scratch creating injuries like pressing against the split view wall or falling out of the goggles.
  • A removable front plate supplies evaluate to either turning of your mobile phone camera for all those programs that make use of the camera feature to improve the virtual reality experience.
  • Thick, cushioned facial pillow provides comfort for extended spans of viewing time as well as the soft pleather covering can be readily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Soft, flexible elastic head straps with “pillow back” support as well as the goggles light weight structure reduce head and neck tension. Includes drawstring storage, taking tote.


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