Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing Offers Viable Solutions for the Small Business

video_conferenceCompanies of nearly any size doing business in nearly any industry are quickly realizing the potential of video conferencing in the workplace. It allows them to stay connected to their clients, customers, vendors and employees, which will increase productivity and reduce significant costs every month. As the rise in popularity of video conferencing continues, the costs of its equipment and advanced technology have dropped.

Video conferencing is recognized as an efficient tool for any company to communicate with sales prospects, customers, and most importantly their remote employees. The advantages listed below can help increase the everyday operations of nearly any business. They include:

  • Increase Productivity – A video conferencing system offers a variety of features beyond just viewing the person on the other end. It is an easy way to edit and share documents in real-time, and collaborate in a variety of formats. This provides faster decisions and a quicker sales cycle to stay far ahead of any competitor.
  • Save Money – By minimizing travel expenses, the company can maximize profits. It is also a way a company can promote themselves as “going green!”
  • Continuous Connectivity – Telecommuters that work within the company can easily stay continuously connected to the office using video conferencing solutions. It also helps minimize the need to travel to distant locations, when making a simple video call offers a face-to-face solution while performing the duties of their job.
  • Enhance Business Relationships – Video conferencing provides the opportunity for every participant to have a visual view of every other participant along with their body language and facial expressions. Sessions can be recorded and used as an effective tool for proof of compliance regulations, or as a future training tool.
  • Enhance Work-Life Balance – By minimizing the amount of time employees spend away from home, video conferencing helps to enhance the balance of work and home life. The unpredictability of traveling, flight delays, flight cancellations and dealing with hotels can quickly burn out an employee that might be extremely valuable to the growth and profitability of the company.

As small and medium-size business owners tackle many of the demands and challenges of keeping afloat, there are significant ways to help increase sales and minimize expenses using video conferencing. The technology minimizes the need to move employees from one location to another or the need to physically visit vendors, customers and suppliers to make deals, and sign contracts.

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