Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

Here is a cool idea I have been thinking about for months now, a DIY solar powered cell phone charger, I found this video that shows a guy who built a simple one for around 40 or 50$, I am going to try to build one and post it on

If I can build this thing with success I am going to try to build a 100watt laptop charger next, the reason i thought about this is I was wondering what I would do
if we lost power or had a mar black out like the one a few years back, than I though
if I had my laptop at least I can entertain myself and family, I also have a lot of DIY videos I have downloaded off the net and they might come in handy if we had a major power loss (a lot of them have to do with solar power).

Anyways here is a short video for now when I find a good one for laptops I will post it, if you know of a recent solar video on YT that shows how to build a DIY solar for laptops let me know (please make sure it is recent with in the last few months if you send me a link)

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